Government Real Estate Developers In DC

Having a decent place to call home is on top of the list of every right-minded American citizen at some point in their life. Owning a home or property is a priority for anyone, whether in DC, or elsewhere, and that’s why real estate companies exist. Real estate developers facilitate every individual’s need to have a nice, comfortable, and safe place to raise a family or run a business.

Even though the property market is flooded with commercial business owners and private residents, the government too needs real estate. Several real estate firms that develop and eventually build pieces of real estate for the government in different parts of the country, including Washington DC. The government works with these companies to ensure the construction of the most reliable as well as the best properties for the purposes of administration.

Services Offered By Government Real Estate Companies

Among other aspects of the real estate industry, the services offered by government real estate companies include property maintenance, renovations of old buildings, construction of new commercial modern buildings and residential houses as well as building repositioning.

Finding a Trustworthy Government Real Estate Company in DC

Companies that are involved in government projects undergo heavy scrutiny and screening before they land those contracts. Interested clients should still conduct in-depth research on the credibility of some of these companies before getting into any dealings with them, just to be sure. All of these companies will come with a set of strengths and weaknesses, and the client’s biggest challenge is to choose the right fit.

Trustworthy Government Real Estate Developers in DC

For anyone who might be interested and has the financial resources to pull it off, here’s a list of reliable real estate developers to invest in around the Washington DC area.

JBG Companies
It’s a group of privately owned companies that develop, own and manage hotels, retail, and residential properties as well as office buildings. They are headquartered in Chevy Base, Maryland.

Clark Construction
One of the leading multifamily contractors in the country. It’s a fully integrated national real estate company in the US.

Douglas Development
Douglas Development, LLC is a fully integrated national real estate company and one of the largest property owners in DC.

Frank L. Haney
Frank Haney is a major player in the real estate development industry. They provide sales, construction marketing, and design services in DC and other parts of the country.

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